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Home Automation &
Audio/Video Installation Services

At Cooper Audio Designs we create exceptional systems using quality products. Your bespoke system starts with a design that is easy to use and tailored to your specific needs. We ensure that each system we install will enrich, entertain, and impress.

Home Audio/Video

Electronics come in an overwhelming array of formats with unending lists of features, varying levels of quality, performance, and reliability, and it goes on!

We look at the needs of our clients and find the right fit for the job. Even though each system will vary with regards to features and performance, we will always use products that provide value, reliability, and longevity.

Based on Cooper Audio Designs experience and training the right Audio/Video equipment can and will be provided to give you the experience you desire.

A properly designed, installed, and calibrated A/V system will help you escape the everyday and provide entertainment beyond your expectations.

Home Theatre

It’s all about taking you from one reality to another. To shift away from the room you are in and to transport you into the film, game, or musical experience as the artist intended.

Cooper Audio Designs makes this magic happen, by professionally designing, installing and calibrating a high performance surround sound A/V system dedicated to this
task. Large format projection systems create the you-arethere visual experience. Powerful hi-resolution speakers combined with proper acoustic treatment take you into an audio soundscape, which compliments the visual action.

Specialized electronics like dedicated surround sound processors, equalizers, and high power amplifiers perform all the behind the scenes tasks.

Combine this with a great control system and some automated lighting and you may never want leave.

Control Systems

The control system is, ultimately, what connects you to your home. It generates the interface that lets you easily interact with your personalized system.

A properly implemented control system gives you simple access to varying features in your home including: Audio/Video, security, surveillance, lighting control, HVAC and more.

The control system allows you to customize automated events. Imagine, getting ready for bed by turning off all the lights, arming the home security system, and locking the doors just by tapping “Goodnight” on your phone. When it’s time to watch your favorite flick, press “Movie” to lower the shades, dim the lights, turn on the TV and bring up your media selection.

With a powerful control system like Savant the entire experience can be tailored to your needs in your home.

Home Network Installation

The more smart devices you have throughout your home, the harder your network has to work to support them.

Your Smart Home automation system relies on a high bandwidth network to connect to the Internet, communicate with other devices, and stream high definition media. That’s why it makes sense to install a robust home network that is reliable and fast in order to meet whatever data capacity your smart devices need.

We will help you create a complete networking solution that can handle the demands of all of your devices, both now and in the future

Turn your dream home into reality.

Whether you need a sound system, home cinema, or a custom fabricated product, we can make it happen!